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What did you make of me WxL Chapter 7
Clear blue sky, trees, singing birds, a stream, the fresh smell of moss…
A man woke up in the middle of a forest, lying on the ground on his back. He just kept staring at the sky. He had no idea where he was, or why he was there; his mind was blank and his head hurt. He rose up to sit and looked around; he could only see trees for miles and a small stream running next to him. His shirt was bloody and it had been ripped in many different places.
What the hell had happened to him?
While trying to remember and ease his confusion, he noticed a handgun close to him. He took it from the ground and it was the only thing that felt familiar right now. After a moment, he realized the gun had a few bullet missing. Why did he have a gun and why did he know how to use it? Why was his shirt bloody and ripped? Questions, all those questions he did not have any answers. A bad feeling started to sneak its way into the man’s mind, maybe he had killed someone. No way, it couldn't be, he push
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What did you make of me WxL Chapter 6
Having a gun in his hands got Leona bit nervous. It did mean that Wesker had a little more trust in him, but it also meant that he would be sent out soon to do something. Like Wesker had said, he would have a job for Leon. It could pretty much be anything, but all Leon could do was to hope that he wouldn't have to go assassin someone. It was already clear that he would pull the trigger with no hesitation if Wesker just told him to.
Leon knew he would be a perfect weapon; he would never betray his master because he didn't have that choice. But Leon didn't want to be anyone's robot. He didn't look for a master, he was looking for freedom.
He had spent his day by following the Tanner brothers around, trying to learn all about the place he was. By now, he remembered all the routes that were leading out, although there was surveillance on each one. Not that it would matter, the place wasn't really been built to keep anyone in. Leon could run anytime if he hadn't been trapped with the invisi
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What did you make of me WxL Chapter 5
Ceiling, he had been staring at it a long time, Leon didn’t even know how long, maybe the whole night, he wasn’t sure if he had slept at all.
Leon slid his hand over his face and sighed, crap.
He got up and sat on the edge of the bed, resting his head on his hands. This was mentally hard to take. He knew that he shouldn't let Wesker mess up his mind but he couldn't help it after all he had been forced to do, and it wasn't even the beginning.
He had made the deal that he would get out if he'd go along in Wesker's little punishment for trying to shoot him, but here he was, still sitting in the room, getting three meals a day. It was already the third day that he’d been sitting around. Not getting to talk to anyone and the lack of activity gave Leon too much time to think. Pretty much all of his thoughts were about Wesker and what he had done to him, the virus, rape, Rick. He still felt ashamed when Wesker’s face crossed his mind, which was quite often.
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Mature content
What did you make of me WxL Chapter 4 :icontunrei:Tunrei 2 0
What did you make of me Chapter 3 WxL
Wesker threw a knife to Leon; it wasn't a hard throw and wasn't meant to hurt, not yet at least. He watched how the younger male caught the knife from the air and automatically took a fighting position. It looked like he had born with a knife in his hand, Leon certainly didn't need the virus to be as good as he was.  
"We're not going to fight," he stated and then he changed his tone. "Roll your sleeve up and cut your arm," Wesker commanded, wanting to see if the man would hurt himself on command. Even he didn't know if there was a limit to what Kennedy would do under the virus's control.
Wesker watched the man straighten up from his position. As he started to roll up his left sleeve, his eyes seemed empty, like there were no thoughts behind them. After the sleeve was up to his elbow, Kennedy slowly held out his hand towards Wesker placing knife's blade above his hand.
At this point, Wesker hadn't noticed any hesitation from the man. Kennedy pressed the sharp blade into his own sk
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What did you make of me WxL Chapter 2
Leon slightly opened his eyes but a bright light forced him to shut them and try again slowly. He had to blink a few times before his eyes settled to the light. He was staring at a white ceiling and it took a while to remember what had happened. When Leon remembered the attack, he tried to get up fast just to notice that he couldn't. His hands were cuffed to his sides and his legs were locked on the table too. Strong straps held him down by his chest and hips.
Leon let his head fall back to the hard metal table he was laying on and sigh. "Fucking great," he hissed to himself.
He turned his head to figure out where he was. There was no one else in the white room; just him and some equipment which seemed to be measuring his pulse and other body functions. There were no windows and the air was chilly, one of the machines was beeping other side of the room. Leon only had his pants on, his shirt and shoes were gone with his socks. If he didn't knew better, Leon would have sworn that he was
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Mature content
In the woods (Arthur x Merlin) :icontunrei:Tunrei 10 3
Winter in Finland by Tunrei Winter in Finland :icontunrei:Tunrei 1 0
Mature content
Money honey WxC :icontunrei:Tunrei 10 0
What did you make of me WxL
Leon ran through the open grass field huffing, it had become silent but he couldn't stop running until he was sure he was safe. His latest mission had gone from bad to worse; his new partner, Rick Bryant, had died and Leon hadn't had a choice but to leave him behind.
He kept running even though his muscles were burning, just a little while more and he would get out from the open field where anyone could just shoot him. Leon ran to the closest building, going in carefully. He tried to slow down his breath so he could hear if there was someone inside, but his heart was beating so fast and loudly that he couldn't hear anything else besides his blood running through his veins.
Leon kept his gun raised, ready to shoot anything that moved. The house seemed empty, gladly. He wouldn't have enough energy to start fighting with any creature that could get too close. Leon walked through every room opening doors and checking every corner and closet just to be sure that there wasn't anyone or anyth
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