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Wesker threw a knife to Leon; it wasn't a hard throw and wasn't meant to hurt, not yet at least. He watched how the younger male caught the knife from the air and automatically took a fighting position. It looked like he had born with a knife in his hand, Leon certainly didn't need the virus to be as good as he was.  

"We're not going to fight," he stated and then he changed his tone. "Roll your sleeve up and cut your arm," Wesker commanded, wanting to see if the man would hurt himself on command. Even he didn't know if there was a limit to what Kennedy would do under the virus's control.

Wesker watched the man straighten up from his position. As he started to roll up his left sleeve, his eyes seemed empty, like there were no thoughts behind them. After the sleeve was up to his elbow, Kennedy slowly held out his hand towards Wesker placing knife's blade above his hand.
At this point, Wesker hadn't noticed any hesitation from the man. Kennedy pressed the sharp blade into his own skin under his elbow. As the blood started to run down his hand, there was only a painful look on his face and a quiet gasp of pain. Wesker knew that the cut should heal on its own and after it has, there should be no mark left from the knife's blade.

He had never created a virus like this and Kennedy wasn't his first choice to receive it, he'd have rather given it to someone who already was his subordinate. But the others had died because of it; Leon's DNA and genes were different somehow. Wesker had spent hours in a lab, trying to change the virus so it would fit to everyone, but hadn't succeeded.
One of his researchers had somehow found out that Kennedy might be the rare match he had been looking for. After that, he had gotten the man in his hands as soon as possible, then just a few tests with his blood and he had been quite confident that it would work on him.

Blood was already dripping to the floor from Kennedy's arm before Wesker told him to stop. The man took the knife away and lowered his hand making the blood to run down on it, all the way to his fingertips. The bleeding stopped soon after that, the wound's complete healing would take a bit longer but not more than few hours.

As Leon snapped back to himself, there was a waving pain going through his arm. When he watched, his whole hand, starting under his elbow, was colored red. He dropped the knife and pushed his right hand on top of the wound. He started to hate this more and more all the time. Leon was always aware of what he was doing but couldn't do anything to stop it. He gave a dark look to Wesker but didn't say anything.

"Go get that checked up, just to be sure. And remember to behave; you won't be leaving this building," Wesker said commanding him.

"Fuck you," Leon muttered to himself when he turned to leave. At least he would get rid of Wesker for a while .

"Be careful what you wish for," Wesker warned in a way that Leon certainly didn't like.

Leon really hoped that the man wasn't serious about it. That's something that he wouldn't do, not even if the man tried to force him.

Leon walked out where someone was already waiting for him. He was directed to some kind of a small hospital the place had. No one talked to him, but it was a good thing, Leon didn't feel like chatting. Even his doctor didn't say anything, not even to ask where he had the cut. Leon was pretty sure that everyone here knew that he was Wesker's new plaything and all of them had some kind of instructions on how to deal with him.

Leon wasn't sure what he was supposed to do after he had his hand washed and tied to speed the recovering. Wesker hadn't told him to go back and no one was waiting for him at the door. He decided to find the closest exit, just to try to see if he could get out. When he found a big glass door, he walked to it and placed his hand on the door handle, then he pushed. The door opened a bit and Leon already thought that Wesker's order hadn't sank in. But no matter how he tried, he couldn't open the door. Leon tried to focus all he could to get it open all the way, but it was like all the power he had was gone. He wasn't strong enough to push the door open. He gave up staring out from the door; he was so close but yet so far from his freedom.

After Leon and Rick had disappeared, Hunnigan had sent out two more teams, one to search for the possible survivors and the other to find out what had happened to the two agents.
No survivors were found; the team that was looking for them had searched the whole village, all the houses and cellars. There weren't even that many zombies around despite Leon reported that there had been a lot of them, too many to handle. That had been the last thing Hunnigan heard from him.
The second team had succeeded to follow the tracks of the two agents. They found the place they had been fighting with the big and ugly, but now exploded creature, and confirmed the death of Rick Bryant. Thought they weren't able to find his dog tags, they searched the whole area in case they had dropped off at some point. Leon's body wasn't there, so they assumed that he had taken the tags after Rick had died and moved on.

Leon's footprints still showed at some points where the ground was still damp. There were also four other tracks going along the same path. They were able to tell for sure that one of the prints were Leon Kennedy's, because of the mark all the agents had on the bottom of their shoes for the situations like this.
Tracking agents were able to follow the tracks all the way to the house Leon had first entered. From the living room, they found a bit of his blood from the floor and a used herb bottle. Now it was sure he had survived, at least this long. The agents were able to follow the tracks about a hundred meters outside when they ended. Wherever Agent Kennedy had gone, there was still a chance to find him alive.

Leon wandered the hallways trying to find out where he was by looking out from all the windows and glass doors he could find. The yard was big and it had been taken care of. He was able to see other buildings too but couldn't tell what they were for. He also saw one fountain and a few statues, the place had to be expensive. Eventually he quit; he could be in another country or anywhere. He sat down to the floor in the corridor and leaned his back against the wall. He hadn't seen many people in the building. Maybe they all had something better to do during the days. Or maybe everyone was behind the locked doors Leon couldn't open. He wasn't sure if anyone was even looking for him, perhaps Wesker had faked his death. Leon touched his dog tags; he started to get frustrated for all this. He had no idea where he was, and he wasn't able to leave as long as Wesker had all the control over him, Leon didn't want to be anyone's puppet.

After a moment, Leon realized his arm was no longer hurting. Curious, he opened the bandage. The skin underneath was completely smooth and healed, as if nothing had happened there despite how deeply he had cut himself earlier.

"Amazing isn't it," a voice said next to Leon.

Leon jumped, turning to the man next to him. It was Wesker of course; no one else would be able to sneak up on him now that he had the virus. "What do you want from me?" Leon asked, getting on his feet.

"A perfect subordinate, which you will be," Wesker responded, eying Leon behind his black shades. "I got a few more tests for you before I can fully trust you."

"You can never fully trust me, just like how I will never trust you. I will escape somehow…it's just a matter of time," Leon said with a small flame of anger in his voice. He hated Wesker and his tests, he wasn't any rat he could do his little experiments.

Wesker laughed at him. "Spicy aren't you? Just let it go and it will be much easier," he stated, turning around and gave Leon a signal to follow.

Leon hesitated a moment before starting to walk after the man, it was no use to sit around in the hallway all day, maybe he would find his rabbit hole at some point, a way to get out.

Wesker took him to a dark room. The moment Leon walked in, he noticed a man sitting in the corner with a hood in his head so Leon couldn't see his face. The man's hands were tied behind his back and he looked like he had been sitting there a while now. He looked dirty and uncomfortable sitting still as he tried to get a better position all the time.
Leon looked at Wesker who was watching the man.

"No way, I ain't doing this for you! Do your own dirty works," Leon snapped, There wasn't many reason for Wesker to bring him there, he wouldn't torture nor kill anyone for him.

"You have two options, you kill him by your own will, or I'll force you to. Either way, you will kill him," Wesker said, handing a gun to Leon.

Leon looked at the gun, was he seriously going to give him a weapon? Leon took the pistol, it made him feel better right away, he felt more secured, but the feeling didn't last very long.
Leon looked at the man in the corner, he didn't have much choices and Wesker didn't give him any. There was only one trick Leon could try and he was probably going to fail but he had to show that he wasn't going to give up so easily to the older man. Leon raised the gun towards the man in the corner and Wesker looked surprised. He hadn't actually believed that Leon would shoot the man by his own free will.
Leon pointed his gun to the man in the corner a while, he was no threat to him so why should he kill him? He waved his hand fast to the side towards Wesker and pulled the trigger trying to make the bullet to fly into his head. Leon missed and the bullet went through the wall next to Wesker's head. Now he was pointing at Wesker with the pistol. Leon tried to pull the trigger again, damn, he wanted to shoot with all his heart. But his hand started shaking and he couldn't do it, no matter how much he wanted.  

Wesker raised his eyebrow and looked at the hole less than 10 centimeters away from his head. This man really had spirit so maybe it had been too early to give him a gun.

"Shoot the man," Wesker commanded, calmly watching the shaking hand which pointed at him with a gun.
The second Leon heard the command, he turned his hand back to the third man and pulled the trigger with no hesitation. A loud bang went through his ears and the man in the corner died. After he shot, he lowered his hand and stared at the man. He had killed before, but only if someone had threatened him or someone close to him.

"Fuck!" Leon yelled and hit the wall with his fist, the bullet probably wouldn't have killed Wesker but just maybe it would've been enough to end his control.

"You went too far Kennedy," Wesker said in a dangerous voice. He took the gun from Leon's hand and pushed him hard into the wall so he was facing it. He leaned closer to talk in his ear "Haven't you learned by now that you cannot hurt me? Maybe I need to show you who is in charge. I have all day if it's needed and eventually you'll learn to do things by your own will."

Wesker let go from Leon's back and took a strong grip on his arm, pulling him on the move with him. At first Leon refused to walk with him but Wesker's grip only got tighter and Leon was weaker than him even with the virus. it had been planned well and Wesker would always be the strongest. So he gave in and walked, some kind of a punishment was coming, Leon knew that. It wasn't healthy to annoy Wesker by trying to put a bullet in his head, but Leon couldn't think anything else that would end Wesker's control over him.

When they reached the right door, Wesker opened it and pushed Leon in. The room was quite empty with only a small bed, empty table and a chair for it. Another door in the room lead to the bathroom, at least Leon figured so. Wesker slammed the door closed after them and Leon turned around to face him.

"You'll always have two options for everything, either you do it with a free will, or I'll force you. Just like you had before."

Leon's heartbeat started to rise as he understood where this was going, the one thing he would never do.
Wesker test Leon some more

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